Quantum Servicing/ Licensing

Nationwide Mortgage Licensing Service License Number
Quantum Servicing Corporation 1273
State License Name:
Alabama Consumer Credit License MC 21430
Alaska Business License/Collection Agency License 311689
Arizona Collection Agency License 918989
Arkansas Collection Agency License 3346
Arkansas Combination Mortgage Banker-Broker-Servicer License 29879
California - DRE Real Estate Corporation License Endorsement 01790751
City of Buffalo Collection Agency License CAG15-10032392
Colorado Collection Agency License 992217
District of Columbia Mortgage Lender License MLB1273
Florida Commercial Collection Agency COM9900297
Florida Consumer Collection Agency CCA0900816
Florida Mortgage Lender Servicer License MLD459
Georgia Mortgage Lender License 21734
Hawaii Mortgage Servicer License MS028
Idaho Collection Agency License CCA-8891
Illinois Residential Mortgage Licensee MB.6760003
Iowa Master Loan Company Registration 88882329
Kansas Mortgage Company License MC.0001399
Kentucky Mortgage Company License MC18396
Louisiana Residential Mortgage Lending License 1273
Maine Debt Collector License DCL8330
Maine Loan Servicer License SVR10460
Massachusetts Debt Collector DC1177
Michigan 1st Mortgage Broker/Lender/Servicer License FL0014057
Michigan 2nd Mortgage Broker/Lender/Servicer Registrant SR0014632
Minnesota Collection Agency License 40184472
Minnesota Residential Mortgage Servicer License MN-MS-20565300
Mississippi Mortgage Lender License 1273
Missouri Company License 15-1774-S
Montana Mortgage Broker License 1273
Montana Mortgage Servicer License 1273
Nevada Foreign Collection Agency License FCA10550
Nevada Mortgage Servicer License 4396
New Hampshire Mortgage Servicer Registration 11697-MS
New Jersey Business Registration Certificate 2114805
New Mexico Collection Agency License 01646
New York City Debt Collection Agency License 1283849-DCA
North Carolina Collection Agency License 102821
North Carolina Mortgage Servicer License S-146033
Ohio General Loan Law Certificate of Registration GL.501434.000
Ohio Residential Mortgage Lending Act Certificate of Registration RM.501434.000
Oklahoma Mortgage Lender License ML010274
Oregon Collection Agency Registration CA-49214
South Carolina-BFI Mortgage Lender / Servicer License MLS - 1273
South Dakota Mortgage Lender License ML.04818
Tennessee Collection Agency License 1604
Tennessee Mortgage License 109261
Texas - SML Residential Mortgage Loan Servicer Registration 1273
Texas Regulated Lender License 11297-53673
Utah Collection Agency Registrant 5956410-0131
Utah-DFI Residential First Mortgage Notification UDFI-RFMN2015
Vermont Loan Servicer License 1273-1
Vermont Mortgage Broker License 1056 MB
Washington Business and Collection Agency License 602520016
Washington Consumer Loan Company License CL-1273
West Virginia Business Certificate/Collection Agency Holder 2194-9773
West Virginia Mortgage Lender License ML-23216
Wisconsin Mortgage Banker License 44386BA
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