Investors/ Asset Management

Quantum Servicing provides pre-eminent asset management servicing due to the depth and breadth of our team's experience, our "High-tech"/"High-touch" technologies and our comprehensive policies, procedures and processes.

  • Quantum's asset management team consists of highly skilled, educated, and experienced real estate finance and loss mitigation professionals, whose expertise range from small rural raw land, to ground-up construction projects, to complex income producing properties, to operating businesses.
  • Quantum's asset management team provides exceptional quality of service to the investor and exhibits a high level of professionalism to customers.
  • Quantum's asset management team provides superior expertise and experience at analyzing financial and other relevant information concerning the financial conditions of customers, real estate and business, which facilitates the development of unique solutions that result in performance under investor-approved strategies.
  • Quantum asset managers provide investors significant assistance and analysis in making determinations as to how to handle real estate taxes, winterization, protecting and securing collateral, code violations and business related issues and solutions.
  • Quantum's team includes experienced legal professionals that assist with facilitating expeditious resolutions and bankruptcy professionals that provide necessary guidance and tracking and monitoring for bankruptcy related matters.
  • Quantum's dedicated analytics team provides sophisticated analytical support and services for the benefit of investors and Quantum departments, utilizing highly educated analysts, trained in all of the various complex components of servicing, asset management and commercial financial statement analyses, at obligor and property levels.
  • Quantum's state-of-the-art, proprietary technology assists Asset Managers in monitoring their loan and other account portfolios and aids in the tracking and monitoring of asset management data.
  • Our technology also increases reporting capability and enhances performance monitoring.
  • Quantum Servicing has extensive policies and procedures and processes that ensure efficiency and scalability. Adaptability is the cornerstone of any preeminent firm. Thus, policies and procedures and processes are regularly created and/or enhanced to take into account new strategies, enhance tracking and monitoring of department performance and/or reflect the continuing effort at maximizing results.
  • While Quantum offers traditional loan and account solution options, Quantum also excels at creating unique, customizable solutions, that are tailored to fit both investor and customer needs.

Superior results are achieved through proprietary, state-of-the-art technology, extensive analytics and reporting, effective strategies and an experienced, well-trained staff.

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